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Cracked Heel Savior

Cracked Heel Savior

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2 pairs , with 2 different Colors

Cracked Heel Savior: Moisture Socks That Heal & Hydrate Like a Dream ✨

Say goodbye to rough, painful heels and hello to baby-soft skin with our revolutionary Moisture Socks infused with natural oils and Vitamin E!

These ingenious socks are designed to amplify the effectiveness of your favorite foot creams and treatments, leaving you with smooth, hydrated heels that you'll love to show off.

Here's what makes them special:

    • Oil Infused gel lining:  0.5% Rose Essential oil, 0.5% olive oil, 0.5% jojoba oil and 0.5% vitamin E.
    • Breathable Comfort: Crafted with a soft, breathable fabric, these socks keep your feet cool and comfortable while the magic happens.
    • Heel Gel Lining: The secret weapon! A gel lining that gently cocoons your heels, locking in moisture and preventing your cream from rubbing off.
    • Colors for Every Mood: Choose from 5 chic shades (white, black, grey, green, beige) to match your PJs, your personality, or your mood.
    • One Size Fits All: No need to worry about sizing! These socks stretch to conform to most feet, giving you a perfect fit.

Here's how to use them:
  1. Apply your favorite foot cream or lotion generously to your heels.
  2. Slide on your Moisture Socks and get cozy!
  3. Relax and let the gel lining work its magic, trapping moisture and boosting the cream's effectiveness.
  4. Wake up to soft, smooth, and deeply hydrated 
  5. Washable- use only cold water. Preferably hand wash or machine wash on gentle care setting.

No more cracked heels, no more dry patches, just pure pampering and visible results.

Order your Moisture Socks today and experience the difference!

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