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Amigos Kit -Secret to Flawless Eye Makeup

Amigos Kit -Secret to Flawless Eye Makeup

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Say good bye to smudged eyelids and clumped lashes!

The Kit includes : 1 Eyelash Separator & 1 Mermaid tail tool

  • Mermaid tail multifunctional tool This versatile tool is multifunctional and can be used as an eyeliner stencil & applicator, mascara smudge protector for upper and lower lash line, eyeshadow shield and your perfect false lash application assistant.
  •  Eyelash separator will "unclump" and lengthen your lashes, leaving you with a pretty, curled, and natural look.

Design & Materials used : 

The Mermaid tool, is crafted with FDA food-grade silicon materials ,ensuring it's safe and soft for use around the delicate eye area. 

Our innovative Eyelash Comb is crafted with precision from top-quality stainless steel 304, featuring an ergonomic arc design, lightweight and sturdy ABS plastic handle that adds a touch of elegance and functionality.  

How to Use:

  • STEP-1, Mermaid Tail- place the tool on eye to use it as a mascara guard, eyeshadow shield or eyeliner stencil, check Using the Mermaid Tool below.
  • STEP-2, Eyelash Comb- Right after applying mascara, simply hold the comb up to your lashes & run it through, gently pulling it up and out. This will separate your lashes and also give them a slight lift.    

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